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Animals are the bridge between us and the beauty of all that is natural. They show us what’s missing in our lives, and how to love ourselves more completely and unconditionally. They connect us back to who we are, and to the purpose of why we’re here.
— Trisha McCagh

Kathryn Sabath, Owner
Wild at Heart Pet Care, Inc. 
PO Box 428
Mt. Rainier, MD 20712
Office Cell Phone: (202) 213-1165
Voicemail & Fax online line: (301) 368-1982

If you are unsure whether we serve your area, please call us. We have a wide service range and chances are we can help out!

For all non-urgent requests or inquiries, please contact the voicemail only line at (301) 368-1982. Please allow 24-48 hours response for non-urgent matters.

For last minute requests or other urgent matters, please call or text (202) 213-1165. Always leave a message, and if it is an urgent matter, you will receive a prompt call back.

Email is also a great way to reach us!  You can reach us using the form below or email us with a request for services


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