Dog Running

Do you have a pup who has endless energy or has been acting out?  Perhaps a good run or trip to the dog park may help get out the extra energy.  We will work with you and your pup to find the best time weather permitting to run.  Also prior to starting this service your vet must approve running for your pup! 

Run, Spot, Run! Dog Running is for pet health, happiness and high quality of life.

No dog park nearby? Is your pet not the doggy day care type? Are you working late and want a way to come home to a calm and relaxed pet? Through our dog running service, your pet no longer needs to be deprived of the basic exercise he or she desperately needs to maintain a healthy and happy dog life.

Although dog walking is a basic necessity for dogs so that they get the opportunities to relieve their bladder and bowels and provides for low-impact exercise and group socialization with other dogs, dog running is an unique opportunity to get your pet's heart rate up and limbs in constant motion. The average adult dog needs to raise his or her heart rate for 20-minutes twice per day! When a dog receives adequate amounts of consistent exercise, (s)he becomes a calmer pet, is less prone to destruct and will avoid the health hazards of canine obesity. Dog running meets your pet's fitness needs, providing the daily exercise they require to ensure ongoing health, contentment and quality of life.

We couple your pet with human running partners who are physically fit athletes who can endure up to 6-miles of running, jogging or intense speed walking each day. We can run your dog for 30-minute or 1-hour sessions during various shifts throughout the day.

Although most dogs benefit from regular high intensity exercise regimen, some dogs are not suited for this type of strenuous activity. Some small breed dogs can exercise themselves perfectly by running around in their own home and other breeds can only have limited physical activity due to their heat sensitivities and physical constitutions that prevent extended exercise or time outside.

We ask that dogs participating in this exercise program be checked out by a veterinarian and approved for such activity.

Dog Running Rates

  • 30-minute dog park outing: $25
  • 1-hr dog park outing: $40
  • 30-minute dog running: $25
  • 1-hr dog running: $40