Overnight Pet Sitting

Does your pet need extra snuggles while you are away or have they never been alone overnight?  This is a great service if so!  Our overnight service includes the PM walking and feeding, the overnight, and the following morning walking and feeding.  It does not include midday visits or additional walks.  

Although most of our pets feel comforted knowing they are checked on regularly throughout the period you are out-of-town, half-hour pet sitting visits, even multiple times per day, might not be adequate for your pet care needs. Some pets might not be accustomed to being left alone overnight while other pets become destructive or howl/meow if they are alone during the night time hours. Puppies require extra attention and opportunities to relieve themselves as they become potty trained.

Overnight pet sitting is an ideal service if you require extended quality care for your pets at an affordable price in addition the added benefit of increased home security. An overnight pet sitter will arrive in the evening in time for your pet's dinner walk and feeding, provide companionship for your pet in the evening, ensure a before bedtime walk, sleep over and take your pet on an early morning walk before or after his or her breakfast.

The overnight sitter will follow your detailed instructions, which would include but are not limited to the following considerations:

  • Please let us know your pet's regular feeding schedule, including any medications
  • Be clear on what home restrictions are in place (are there rooms your pet cannot enter, are cats not allowed on the couch, etc.)
  • Let us know where your overnight sitter can sleep and bathe. Include instructions on where extra linens and towels are located and how to handle laundry, dishes, trash disposal.

Overnight Pet Sitting Rates

  • $90 per overnight for one pet. Please add $10 additional per pet.