Midday Dog Walking

Most clients request 30 minutes for midday dog walks. Each walk will be completed in a 2 hour timeframe of your choice, and the majority of the visit is spent walking.

Is Fido fidgety? Long working hours and lengthy commutes can mean a long day for your dog as well. Let us give your best friend some midday exercise and attention. Daily walks help to ensure a high quality of life for your dog and gives your pet a much needed bathroom break.

We offer midday dog walking Monday through Friday. Our walkers will either walk your dog(s) in packs and on leashes close to your home or drive them to local area dog parks where they will be allowed to run around unleashed. Walks are usually 20-30 minutes long. If you have a puppy or an adult dog who is uncomfortable with other dogs, we can arrange individual dog walks for an additional fee.

We ask all clients to make sure that their dogs are current on their shots, have an I.D. tag, obey basic commands and generally get along well with people and other dogs.

We make every effort to walk your dogs during the time you prefer, however, we ask clients to allow an hour window before and after your preferred time (creating a 2 hour window or longer if possible) for unanticipated delays such as an unruly or uncooperative pet, medical emergency and traffic.


  • 15 minute paw stretch and potty break: $18
  • 30-minute neighborhood walk for more exercise and socialization with other dogs: $22
  • 1-hour neighborhood or trail walk: $35

Please note that these rates are based on one pet. Please add $5 additional per pet.