Pooper Scooper

We want to help make life a little easier for you by providing complete clean up and removal of pet waste from kennes, dog runs, yards, decks and patios. We want to make your outdoor area fun, safe and clean fro the entire family.

We provide professional pet waste removal twice weekly, weekly, monthly and every other month to best suit your needs. We also offer one time clean up which includes: Spring Cleanup, Special Occasions, or any reason. Please call for pricing.

We want to do our part for the environment. We use biodegradable bags for the cleanups. Our cleanups include: clean up of the entire yard, double bagging of waste and treatment of brown spots. For your family’s added protection, all equipment is sanitized with a disinfectant before clean up begins in each yard.

We also do litter clean up for all small animals. We will dump out the old litter, clean and disinfect, and add new litter.


1. Illness. Pet waste left lying on the ground can actually make you, your family, and your pets, ill. Unknown to many, animal waste, especially dog waste, transmits parasites such as roundworm, and tapeworm. When infected dog waste is left lying on the ground, the eggs enter the soil and live there, which then becomes a breeding ground for all who come in contact with it.

2. Water Pollution. When pet waste is not properly disposed of, it can be carried by rain, snow or a home's water hose into nearby bodies of water or into storm drains. Animal waste can become a source of harmful bacteria and nutrients in water. Not only does this hurt human beings, but also kills off fish due to a lack of oxygen with the increased presence of bacteria and parasites in the water.

3. Not a Fertilizer.Young children who play outside, teens or adults playing a game in the yard, or gardeners tending their soil are all prone to coming in contact with the infested soil. Unlike the soil you buy from a garden store, pet waste is more harmful because of the bacteria and worms in the digestive system of meat eating animals, such as dogs.

Pooper Scooper Rates

Please contact us for a one time or monthly rates.