Employment Opportunities

Have you ever had a yen for a career in animal care? Ever fantasized about working as a midday walker or pet sitter? If so, you may be that unique person we are looking for! If you meet all the criteria outlined below, please take the next step and fill out the application form. Outstanding applicants will be contacted immediately.

Prospective applicants must:

  • Be a zoologist at heart
  • Have an undying love for animals
  • Be comfortable with groups of dogs and be skilled in animal behavior
  • Enjoy the idea of a flexible schedule
  • Can work independently and without supervision
  • Be able to provide references and pass a criminal background check
  • Possess honesty, reliability, strong communication skills, common sense and good judgment
  • Demonstrate a keen ability to handle multiple tasks and details
  • Be adaptable - things happen. We need people who won't unravel when things aren't seamless.
  • Be in good physical health - You will be walking dogs and sometimes in the rain, sleet & snow!
  • Own a reliable, insured, registered and inspected car
  • Own a mobile phone
  • Have a fluency of the Internet and can check e-mail daily

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